Wednesday, 23 January 2013

How to get a boy on msp

How to get a boyfriend on M.s.p (Cause we all know they're stuck up people)              

1.  Well make sure you know them cause they're actually really sensitive and if they don't know you and the ask you out well if he says yeah then you know hes gonna mistreat you he might be a tw*t and flirt with other girls you may never know... cause you've chosen the wrong dude.                                    
2. Treat them right but ONLY if they treat you right first. Cause dude! self respect..        
3. Well never put him before you! Or your friends just because you've met somebody new doesnt mean you can go and bail on your friends make a time table so you can share your time together and if hes not bothered and hes greedy and wants you to himself well then that means he's either SUPER protective or he just doesnt like your friends                  
4. Well never give him wishies if her beggs! hes usinn' yuh bubbs' probably for fame money or just popularity.. i mean COME ON! thats not how to treat a girl right? Damn not. Give him it ONLY when YOU feel like giving him a wishy/auto/greeting.                               
5. Last of all enjoy you're relationship on msp i mean if he attempts to quit i mean you can grab his sensitive side just say you're my whole what am i supposed to do without you.. let him think about it and if he never comes back well' hes not the one for you plus theres like 50,000 people on msp.. i..think.. gurl'
  • ~Lauren♥

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