Wednesday, 23 January 2013

my idols♥

I Idolize so many of the higher levels well if i have to start off i would say Princess770 (level 23) shes amazing i really get along with her she looks out for her fans and well she doesn't see herself like a 'higher level' she sees her self like an ordinary character.

Second of all I think so many people love her her name is CANDIRED a.k.a Candi or Cookie shes so amazing she came to the level 5+ Mall just to see her beautiful fans 20/01/2013 proud to say i was part of that she was with V1per but enough of that! Some people say she cheats she gets allot of hate for this but people say Isha is blaming her for cheating guess what CANDIRED is not cheating Isha is shes a liar on Isha's blog there's a part of it where it says oh CANDIRED cheats and Isha and Pandy found this 'hater' and called Candi an Obsessed Cow well how do we know Isha didn't make the account? Anyways enough of the hate movie star planet shouldn't be a hating game..

My third MSP Idol is a boy hes VoItage just because he tells the world what hes feeling he doesn't give a sh*t about what others think about him. One day he was acting all gay just to see what haters think about him then he had a long though and said you know what why is it only this piece of hate where it gets to me? And I think haters hurt him.. not sure?

My low level Idol is CharlieDaSweetest just because of her looks shes amazing i made her a look and said she loved it I love her as a msp style icon and a well shes amazing kind i mean the only time you see her moody is after her breakups i remember her breakup with Treapoo7 it was horrible but she learns to keep her temper in and find a humorous side to it.



  1. I cant even put you into words darlinn' ♥

  2. Awwww thankyou! It's CharlieDaSweetest by the way, whats your msp name? <33333333